Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh's Letters

Torkman, Mohammad,
Hezaran Publications, Tehran, Second Edition, 1996, 432 PPs

Thanks to the efforts of Mohammad Torkman, several collections of documents of the contemporary history of Iran, have already been put at the disposal of researchers. In this series, he has presented 553 letters and handwritings of Dr. Mosaddegh written during the time interval between 1949 and 1966.

When collecting these letters attention has been focused on the letters which are kept in various government archives as well as those published in the newspapers on various occasions, in addition to the family and personal letters.

In view of the fact that Mosaddegh had been actively present in many tumultuous political periods of Iran, stretching from the years coinciding with the establishment of the constitutional government up to the world war, and the period of stabilization of the rule of Reza Khan, the commander in chief, during which Mosaddegh was forced to stay at home and keep quiet, until the years following Sept. 1941 up to the nationalization of the oil industry in Iran, so the main value of the letters lies in the fact that they throw light on Dr. Mosaddegh's judgments and evaluations about the events of the day which are not usually reflected in the official documents and reports.

Another aspect of the collection is its personal one, which points to an extraordinary and rare degree of honesty, civility and self-possession, which can contribute to reinforcing his political and social prestige.

Source: Jahan-e Ketab (the World of Books), Nos. 25 & 26, Dec. 1996,